I work across fashion and art industry to help companies and individuals make key strategic decisions. I consult on how to bring a product to market and strengthen the brand image to increase sales. I provide analysis, solutions and general communications expertise to help organisations reach their business goals.

I develop and help to implement strategies for both new and existing products and services by evaluating and, if necessary, influencing all phases of the journey from design and merchandising, distribution decisions to advertising, product placement as well as PR and Social Media campaigns. I begin by conducting a vast research and gathering data to identify existing and target markets and assess the consumer perception, brand competition, business trends as well as product and service value. If needed, I perform in-house audits to ensure that the company's internal organs are aligned. This research informs the development of an overall brand strategy, which can affect logo and package design, pricing, distribution channels, placement, medium for customer outreach, advertising campaigns, and customer service. Decision making process is always based on brand pillars and brand business goals. Services include but are not limited to the list below.

  • to define Brand Pillars and key Brand Values
  • to develop Positioning Recommendations
  • to guide Market Research Analysis
  • to further enhance the Branding of the Product and Service
  • to define achievable Brand Goals both short and long term
  • to develop a tailored Strategy through Analysis of Current Market Data and Trends
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