Sylwia Bajek is a Business Consultant working in the Creative Industries, primarily in Fashion and Art. She specialises in Business Development and Brand Strategy. Sylwia is also the founder of Interdisciplinary Creative Agency - Studio Bajek.

She gained her experience working for companies such as Karla Otto, Stella McCartney, Vilshenko and Band of Outsiders. She speaks fluent English, Polish, Italian and French.

Sylwia graduated from the London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins. There she focused her studies on the field of semiotics, which remains her main academic interest. In her work she follows the semiotic belief that in opposition to natural signs, artificial signs can be both unintentionally and intentionally produced to convey the desired message intended for the recipient. These signs are therefore temporally and culturally specific and can take the form of a word, a symbol, an image or a garment.
By understanding how certain signs and symbols are decoded in various target groups, as well as by influencing the signs themselves, Sylwia helps brands achieve their set goals. Sylwia is inspired by Umberto Eco, Ferdinand de Saussure, Charles Sanders Peirce and Roland Barthes.

Sylwia's experience covers all four pillars of fashion: Design and Development, Production and Supply Chain, Sales and Distribution, and Marketing and Communications. 

Sylwia acts as an independent business consultant to Fashion and Art ventures.
She works closely with her clients on business management through creation of Brand Strategy with a focus on Creative Production.

A few other things you need to know about me:

  • I love to travel

  • I am an avid cyclist

  • I am obsessed with 70s music

  • I collect money (no, I do not save it but I collect various currencies including some ancient ones)

  • I own enough books and magazines to completely fill a decent-sized living room, from floor to ceiling

  • I have a thing for outerwear